1) Which player has the highest single season batting average for 3 different teams?
A) Ty Cobb
B) Rogers Hornsby
C) Joe Jackson
D) Tris Speaker

2) Who is the only player to be named MVP in two World Series?
A) Babe Ruth
B) Whitey Ford
C) Joe DiMaggio
D) Reggie Jackson

3) Who is the only player in the Astro's history to have 200 hits in one season?
A) Jeff Bagwell
B) Moises Alou
C) Craig Biggio
D) Derek Bell

4) What was the most bases Babe Ruth stole in one season?
A) 1
B) 4
C) 10
D) 17

5) Who said "Watch out, Krauthead, I'm comin' down on the next pitch!" Answer
A) Reggie Jackson
B) Pete Rose
C) Babe Ruth
D) Ty Cobb

6) During his 56-game hitting streak, Joe DiMaggio struck out how many times?
A) 7
B) 11
C) 15
D) 29

7) Who holds the record for seasons played by a second baseman at 22?
A) Rogers Hornsby
B) Ryne Sandberg
C) Joe Morgan
D) John "Bid" McPhee

8) Who was the first player to hit 300 homers and steal 300 bases?
A) Ty Cobb
B) Mickey Mantle
C) Barry Bonds
D) Willie Mays

9) What Hall of Famer once said "People always ask me what I do in the winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring".
A) Rogers Hornsby
B) Babe Ruth
C) Walter Johnson
D) Willie Mays

10) Who is the only player besides Mickey Mantle to hit 50 HR's and win the batting title?
A) Babe Ruth
B) Hank Aaron
C) Ted Williams
D) Jimmie Foxx

11) Who holds the AL record for most singles in a season?
A) Wade Boggs
B) Ty Cobb
C) Pete Rose
D) Tony Gwynn

12) Who was the first player to have 400 or more career homeruns and stolen bases?
A) Jimmie Foxx
B) Bobby Bonds
C) Barry Bonds
D) Willie Mays

13) What player led the majors with 9 HR in 1909?
A) Babe Ruth
B) Honus Wagner
C) Ty Cobb
D) Tris Speaker

14) Only one pitcher has pitched to Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, and Roger Maris. Who is he?
A) Roger Clemens
B) Dennis Martinez
C) Nolan Ryan
D) Rollie Fingers

15) Who said "How hard is hitting? You ever walk into a pitch-black room full of furniture that you've never been in before and try to walk through it without bumping into anyhting? Well, it's harder than that." Who said that?
A) Roberto Clemente
B) Ted Kluszewski
C) Mike Schmidt
D) George Brett

16) Who broke Bobby Bonds career record for leadoff homers?
A) Kenny Lofton
B) Ralph Kiner
C) Rickey Henderson
D) Pie Traynor

17) What Hall of Famer is this the epitaph of: "I want to be remembered as a ballplayer who gave all he had to give."
A) Pete Rose
B) Lou Brock
C) Nap Lajoie
D) Roberto Clemente

18) Who was known as the "Black Babe Ruth"?
A) Josh Gibson
B) Satchel Paige
C) Jackie Robinson
D) Cool Papa Bell

19) How far is the "Green Monster" at Fenway Park from home plate?
A) 340'
B) 325'
C) 317'
D) 310'

20) How far is the pitcher's rubber from home plate?
A) 60'-0"
B) 61'-0"
C) 60'-6"
D) 66'-0"

21) Which of the following players did not win the Calder Trophy for top rookie?
A) Wayne Gretzky
B) Mario Lemieux
C) Steve Yzerman
D) Pavel Bure

22) What number did Stan Smyl wear for the Canucks?
A) 8
B) 10
C) 12
D) 14

23) How many Stanley Cups has Mark Messier won?
A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 7

24) How many times did Bobby Orr lead the league in scoring?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

25) Which of these players has never scored 70 goals?
A) Bernie Nicholls
B) Mike Bossy
C) Teemu Selanne
D) Alexander Mogilny

26) Who led the NHL in goals last year?
A) Pavel Bure
B) John LeClair
C) Peter Bondra
D) Teemu Selanne

27) Which two teams played in the Stanley Cup Finals the last time it was not a 4-0 “sweep”?
A) Vancouver / New York Rangers
B) Detroit / Philadelphia
C) Detroit / Washington
D) Colorado / Florida

28) Even though they had the same number of points, who beat out Wayne Gretzky in his rookie season for the scoring championship?
A) Mike Bossy
B) Marcel Dionne
C) Dale Hawerchuk
D) Mark Messier

29) Who holds the record for goals by a defenseman in a single season?
A) Bobby Orr
B) Ray Bourque
C) Chris Chelios
D) Paul Coffey

30) Before Teemu Selanne scored 76 goals as a rookie, who held the record for goals by a rookie?
A) Wayne Gretzky
B) Mario Lemieux
C) Mike Bossy
D) Phil Esposito

31) Who was the last NBA player to record a quadruple-double?
A) Hakeem Olajuwon
B) Scottie Pippen
C) David Robinson
D) Magic Johnson

32) How many years has Hakeem Olajuwon led the NBA in blocked shots?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5

33) Which player has led the NBA in rebounding the most number of consecutive seasons?
A) Moses Malone
B) Wilt Chamberlain
C) Bill Russell
D) Dennis Rodman

34) What NBA player holds the record for most steals in a NCAA game?
A) Gary Payton
B) Stephon Marbury
C) Eric Murdoch
D) Mookie Blaylock

35) How many times did Magic Johnson lead the NBA in Steals?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

36) How many times did Magic Johnson lead the NBA in assists?
A) 4
B) 3
C) 2
D) 1

37) Who holds the record for most assists in a NBA game?
A) John Stockton
B) Dana Barros
C) Scott Skiles
D) Bob Cousy

38) Who holds the record for the most blocked shots in a NBA game?
A) Mark Eaton
B) David Robinson
C) Hakeem Olajuwon
D) Elmore Smith

39) What player was nicknamed “the machine gun”?
A) Travis Grant
B) John Havlicek
C) Tommy Heinsohn
D) Walt Frazier

40) Early on in his career who was known as the “round mound of rebound”?
A) Moses Malone
B) Charles Barkley
C) Oliver Miller
D) Shawn Bradley

41) Who holds the record for most games played in a NFL career?
A) Jim Marshall
B) George Blanda
C) Clay Mathews
D) Mick Tingelhoff

42) Who holds the record for most touchdowns in one season?
A) Jerry Rice
B) Barry Foster
C) OJ Simpson
D) Emmitt Smith

43) What Quarterback has been sacked more than any other QB in NFL history?
A) Fran Tarkenton
B) Dave Krieg
C) John Elway
D) Warren Moon

44) Who led the NFL in sacks in 1997?
A) Reggie White
B) Bruce Smith
C) Kevin Greene
D) John Randle

45) Who recorded 7 sacks in one NFL game?
A) Derrick Thomas
B) Leslie O’Neal
C) Levon Kirkalnd
D) Dana Stubblefield

46) What NFL team has made the playoffs the most times?
A) San Francisco
B) Chicago Bears
C) Dallas
D) Pittsburgh

47) Who holds the record for most rushing yards in a Monday Night Football game?
A) Marcus Allen
B) Eric Dickerson
C) Bo Jackson
D) Tony Dorsett

48) Who is the Auto-Biography “Just Give me the Damn Ball” about?
A) Randy Moss
B) Keyshawn Johnson
C) Isaac Bruce
D) Curtis Martin

49) How many Consecutive Years have the 49ers won at least 10 games?
A) 8
B) 12
C) 16
D) 20

50) Who holds the record for most 100 yard rushing games in one season?
A) Eric Dickerson
B) Barry Foster
C) Bo Jackson
D) Barry Sanders

51) Which team has played in the most Super Bowl games?
A) Pittsburgh
B) San Francisco
C) Dallas
D) Denver

52) How many Super Bowls did Vince Lombardi win?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5

53) Who is the only player in NFL history to win the league MVP trophy 3 times?
A) Steve Young
B) Johnny Unitas
C) Brett Favre
D) Joe Montana

54) What team holds the record for the most points scored in one season?
A) San Francisco
B) Minnesota
C) Washington
D) Philadelphia

55) Who holds the record for most touchdown passes in one season?
A) Brett Favre
B) Joe Montana
C) Dan Marino
D) John Elway

56) What team has Barry Sanders rushed for the most yards against?
A) Tampa Bay
B) Chicago
C) Minnesota
D) Green Bay

57) What quarterback has thrown the most interceptions?
A) George Blanda
B) John Hadl
C) Vinny Testevarde
D) Phil Simms

58) Who led the NFL in receiving yards in 1997?
A) Rob Moore
B) Herman Moore
C) Time Brown
D) Yancey Thigpen

59) Who has the most opening day wins?
A) New York Giants
B) San Francisco
C) Chicago
D) Pittsburgh

60) What is the record for most points scored in one game by one team?
A) 59
B) 63
C) 67
D) 70

61) Which player has never won the Conn Smythe Trophy?
A) Al MacInnis
B) Bill Ranford
C) Mike Vernon
D) Grant Fuhr

62) Who was the player the Canucks received when they traded Cam Neely to Boston?
A) Tony Tanti
B) Richard Brodeur
C) Barry Pederson
D) Robert Nordmark

63) Which Defenseman has not scored 100 points in a season?
A) Ray Bourque
B) Al MacInnis
C) Brian Leetch
D) Paul Coffey

64) Who is the most recent player to win the Conn Smythe Trophy without winning the Stanley Cup?
A) Ed Belfour
B) Dale Hawerchuk
C) Ron Hextall
D) Bryan Trottier

65) Who is the all time US born leading scorer?
A) Brian Leetch
B) Rick Tochhet
C) Pat Lafontaine
D) Joe Mullen

66) Who is the only player in NHL history to score an even strength goal, a powerplay goal, a shorthanded goal, a penalty shot goal, and an empty net goal all in one game?
A) Wayne Gretzky
B) Mario Lemiuex
C) Brett Hull
D) Mark Messier

67) Which player has won the most Stanley Cups in NHL history?
A) Henri Richard
B) Maurice Richard
C) Bobby Orr
D) Jean Beliveau

68) How many times did Wayne Gretzky record 100 or more assists in one season?
A) 7
B) 9
C) 11
D) 13

69) How many times have the Canucks been to the Stanley Cup final?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

70) In the past twenty years how many different players have won the Art Ross Trophy?
A) 4
B) 6
C) 8
D) 10

71) Who had the nickname "poodles"?
A) Greg Anderson
B) Bill Willoughby
C) James Worthy
D) Chuck Connors

72) When Michael Jordan returned from his first retirement what number did he wear for the first few games?
A) 23
B) 34
C) 45
D) 56

73) During Michael Jordan's first retirement who led the league in scoring those two years?
A) Olajuwon & Robinson
B) Olajuwon & O'neal
C) O'neal & Robinson
D) Ewing and O'neal

74) How many times has Hakeem Olajuwon led the league in scoring?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3

75) Who had the nickname "Dollar Bill"?
A) Bill Willoughby
B) Bill Russell
C) Bill Sanders
D) Bill Bradley

76) What team holds the record for most consecutive wins?
A) Bulls
B) Celtics
C) Lakers
D) 76ers

77) Who holds the record for most three pointers made in one game?
A) Dennis Scott
B) Dale Ellis
C) Nick Anderson
D) Jeff Hornacek

78) Who is the only player in NBA history to average a triple-double for an entire season?
A) Wilt Chamberlain
B) Oscar Robertson
C) Magic Johnson
D) Larry Bird

79) Who is the only player with a NBA Championship?
A) Patrick Ewing
B) Alonzo Mourning
C) Karl Malone
D) Clyde Drexler

80) Who was not a member of the 1992 Dream Team
A) John Stockton
B) Christian Laettner
C) Chris Mullin
D) Hakeem Olajuwon

81) Who did the Canucks acquire when they traded Ronnie Stern away?
A) Robert Nordmark
B) Tony Tanti
C) Thomas Gradin
D) Dana Murzyn

82) What are the last two years the Canadiens won the Stanley Cup?
A) 86 & 93
B) 87& 93
C) 86 & 92
D) 85 & 94

83) Who was the last team to win three Stanley Cups in a row?
A) Oilers
B) Penguins
C) Islanders
D) Canadiens

84) Which player did not win the Calder Trophy?
A) Gary Suter
B) Steve Larmer
C) Joe Nieuwendyk
D) Mark Rechhi

85) Who holds the record for most power play goals in one season?
A) Cam Neely
B) Dave Andreychuk
C) Tim Kerr
D) Mike Bossy

86) Who was the last team to win both the presidents trophy and the Stanley cup in the same year?
A) New York Rangers
B) Dallas Stars
C) New Jersey Devils
D) Pittsburgh Penguins

87) When was Ron Stern drafted in the 1986 entry draft?
A) 23 overall
B) 70 overall
C) 190 overall
D) 247 overall

88) Who was the first european to be picked first overall in an NHL entry draft?
A) Peter Forsberg
B) Teemu Selanne
C) Mats Sundin
D) Jaromir Jagr

89) How Many Vezina Trophies has Patrick Roy won?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5

90) How many times has Tom Barasso been selected to either the first or second all-star teams?
A) 3
B) 4
C) 5
D) 6

91) Who was the first player with at least 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases in a season?
A)Kenny Williams
B)Willie Mays
C)Tommy Harper
D)Hank Aaron

92) How many years did Connie Mack manage?

93) Who had 457 total bases in one season?
A)Rogers Hornsby
B)Babe Ruth
C)Lou Gehrig
D)Jimmie Fox

94) Who had 15 seasons of hitting at least 30 home runs?
A)Babe Ruth
B)Mike Schmidt
C)Hank Aaron
D)Jimmie Fox

95) Which one of the following pitchers twice allowed eight runs in a League Championship game?
A)Tom Glavine
B)Roger Clemens
C)Greg Maddux
D)Phil Niekro

96) What team started first in Baltimore as the Orioles?
B)White Sox

97) What pitcher started 49 games in one season?
A)Wilbur Wood
B)Mickey Lolich
C)Phil Niekro
D)Jack Stanford

98) Who was the first Major League player to hit a home run off Babe Ruth?
A)Harry Heilmann
B)Joe Judge
C)Jack Graney
D)Jack Bentley

99) Who holds the NL record for career grand slams?
A)Hank Aaron
B)Ernie Banks
C)Dave Kingman
D)Willie McCovey

100) Who led the AL 10 times in hit-by-a-pitch?
A)Don Baylor
B)Gene Larkin
C)Minnie Miniso
D)Greg Kusick

101) What team traded Steve Young to San Francisco?
A)Sea Hawks

102) Who holds the single-season sack record of 22?
A)Lawrence Taylor
B)Reggie White
C)Lamar Lundy
D)Mark Gastineau

103) What college did Isaac Bruce attend?
A)Memphis State

104) Which of the following coaches has not lost four Super Bowls?
A)Don Shula
B)Tom Landry
C)Bud Grant
D)Marv Levy

105) In what year were NFL offensive linemen no longer eligible to catch a forward pass?

106) Whose record for receiving yards in a season did Jerry Rice break?
A)Lance Alworth
B)Charley Hennigan
C)Don Maynard
D)Lionel Taylor

107) What was the last NFL team to switch from the single wing to the modern T formation in 1952?

108) How many rushing touchdowns did George Blanda have in his career?

109) What team ended the Dolphins' 18-game winning streak?

110) What QB did the Steelers keep when they cut John Unitas
A)Steve Flick
B)George Shaw
C)Bobby Lane
D)Ted Marchibroda

111) What is the width of an NBA backboard?
A)2 ft.
B)1 yd.
C)4 ft.
D)2 yd.

112) . What was the first basketball?
A)Soccer Ball
C)Tennis Ball
D)Golf Ball

113) Which basketball player was the Rookie of the Year in 1984-1985?
A)Larry Bird
B)Michael Jordan
C)Karl Malone
D)John Stockton

114) Whose nickname is the King of New York?
A)Hakeem Olajuwon
B)Larry Johnson
C)Patrick Ewing
D)Charlie Ward

115) How long is a 20-second time out?
A)10 sec.
B)20 sec.
C)30 sec.
D)1 min.

116) What is the length of an NBA court?
A)70 ft.
B)30 yd.
C)100 yd.
D)94 ft.

117) What is the diameter of an NBA basket?
A)12 in.
B)15 in.
C)18 in.
D)21 in.

118) Whose nickname is Sir Charles?
A)Shaquille O'neal
B)Charlie the Tuna
C)Charles Barkley
D)Charles Oakley

119) What year was basketball introduced to the Olympics?

120) At the Olympics, what is the only year that the Americans haven't won the gold medal in basketball?

121) What team traded pitchers Rollie Fingers and Pete Vuckovich to the Brewers on December 12, 1980?

122) Who signed baseball's first $100,000 contract?
A)Babe Ruth
B)Lou Gehrig
C)Ted Williams
D)Joe DiMaggio

123) Who else besides Ted Williams has won the triple crown twice?
A)Ty Cobb
B)Lou Gehrig
C)Rogers Hornsby
D)Chuck Klein

124) Which team has the longest history without having a MVP?
D)Blue Jays

125) Who holds the record for collecting at least 3 hits in 6 consecutive games?
A)Rod Carew
B)George Brett
C)Ty Cobb
D)Pete Rose

126) What team hit a record 10 homeruns in one game?
C)Blue Jays

127) What team holds the ML record of 26 consecutive wins?

128) What team holds the ML record of 23 consecutive losses?

129) What year did the Yankees first wear pinstriped uniforms?

130) Which player did not hit a homerun in their first all-star game at-bat?
A)Johnny Bench
B)Al Kaline
C)Bo Jackson
D)Hoot Evers

131) When Jordan played for the Barons who was the manager?
A)Tim Johnson
B)Bruce Bochy
C)Terry Francona
D)Joe Torre

132) Who Said? "I think it's god disguised as Michael Jordan"
A)Magic Johnson
B)Charles Barkley
C)Karl Malone
D)Larry Bird

133) Jordan Played his first NBA game against which team?

134) Jordan made 12 three-pointers in one playoff Game against which team.

135) Jordan recorded the first ever triple-double in an all-star game in 1997, who was the MVP that year?
A)Glen Rice
B)Scottie Pippen
D)Penny Hardaway

136) Which one of these players never appeared in the NBA finals?
A)Clyde Drexler
B)Charles Barkley
C)Dominique Wilkens
D)Penny Hardaway

137) When was Latrell Sprewell selected in the 1992 draft?

138) Who won the 1986-1987 rookie of the year?
A)Ron Harper
B)Dee Brown
C)Mark Price
D)Chuck Person

139) Where was the 1998 All-star game held?
B)Key Arena
C)Delta Center

140) Who was the Seattle Supersonics first pick in the 1987 draft?
A)Shawn Kemp
B)Scottie Pippen
C)Olden Polynice
D)Danna Barros

141) Who holds the record for career points per game?
A)Wayne Gretzky
B)Mario Lemieux
C)Marcel Dionne
D)Gordie Howe

142) Who hold the record for career goals per game?
A)Wayne Gretzky
B)Mario Lemieux
C)Marcel Dionne
D)Gordie Howe

143) What team holds the record for most points in a season?

144) What is the only number retired by the Vancouver Canucks?

145) Who made up the original "legion of doom"?
A)Lindros, Renberg, Leclair
B)Lindros, Brindamour, Leclair
C)Lindros, Rechhi, Leclair
D)Lindros, Jones, Leclair

146) What is Bob Proberts personal best for goals in a season?

147) What two teams did the Pittsburgh Penguins beat to win their only two Stanley Cups?
A)Calgary, Chicago
B)Chicago, St. Louis
C)Minnesota, Chicago
D)Chicago, Winnipeg

148) Who has the most career points?
A)Steve Larmer
B) Bobby Orr
C)Pat Lafontaine
DDenis Potvin

149) What year was the last year there was a tie for the league lead in goals?

150) Who holds the NHL's record for most consecutive games played?
A)Steve Larmer
B)Stan Mikita
C)Michel Goulet
D)Ray Bourque

151) How many fourth quarter comebacks did John Elway have in his career?

152) What is the only NFL team without a logo on it's helmet?

153) How many years did Barry Sanders rush for at least 1,000 yards?

154) Which Quarterback has the highest career rating?
A)Steve Young
B)Joe Montana
C)Brett Favre
D)John Elway

155) What is the record for number of consecutive passes completed?

156) Who holds the record for most touchdowns in one season, as a receiver?
A)Isaac Bruce
B)Chris Carter
C)Jerry Rice
D)Sterling Sharpe

157) Who holds the record for most 100 yard receiving games in one season?
A)Herman Moore
B)Michael Irvin
C)Jerry Rice
D)Isaac Bruce

158) What era was the record of fewest turnovers by a team for one season set?

159) Who was the last rookie to rush for 200 yards in a game?
A)Corey Dillon
B)Jerome Bettis
C)Terrell Davis
D)Bo Jackson

160) Who was the last quarterback to pass for 5,000 yards in an NFL season?
A)John Elway
B)Brett Favre
C)Warren Moon
D)Dan Marino

161) Two members of the bulls had the distinstion of averaging 20 points per game with Jordan on the roster, Pippen is one, name the other?
A)Orlando Woolridge
B)Horace Grant
C)Toni Kukoc
D)Jack Haley

162) Who was the GM who drafted Jordan in 1984?
A)Jerry Sloan
B)Jerry Krause
C)Norm Van Lier
D)Rod Thorn

163) During his NBA career Jordan wore 3 jersey numbers, 23, 45 and….

164) What was the count in voting between Tim Duncan and Keith Van Horn in the 1998 rookie of the year voting?

165) What team was Wilt Chamberlain playing when he scored 100 points in one game?

166) Who dished out the game winning assist to John Paxon when his shot won the 1993 NBA Finals?
A)Scottie Pippen
B)Michael Jordan
C)BJ Armstrong
D)Horace Grant

167) Which one of these players was born in the USA?
A)Rick Fox
B)Chris Anstey
C)Tim Duncan
D)Hersey Hawkins

168) Who were the co-winners of the rookie of the year award in 94-95?
C)Hill/ E.Jones
D)Kidd/ Hill

169) Which one of these players was not a number one draft pick?
A)Isiah Thomas
B)Magic Johnson
C)Bill Walton
D)John Lucas

170) Which state was Jordan born in?
A)New York
C)N. Carolina

171) Who is the only Blue Jay to be rookie of the Year?
A)Kelly Gruber
B)George Bell
C)Alfredo Griffin
D)Jesse Barfield

172) Who was the first yankee to win an MVP award?
A)Lou Gehrig
B)Babe Ruth
C)Joe DiMaggio
D)Bill Dickey

173) Who is the only player to lead the AL then the NL in hits in consecutive years?
A)Rod Carew
B)Willie McGee
C)Lance Johnson
D)Tony Oliva

174) Whose record for extra base hits did Hank Aaron break?
A)Babe Ruth
B)Stan Musial
C)Lou Gehrig
D)Willie Mays

175) Who did the Dodgers play when Jackie Robinson made his MLB debut?

176) What team scored 17 runs in one inning?
D)Red Sox

177) What is the fewest hits by both teams in one MLB game?

178) How many all-star games did Ted Williams play in?

179) What team did the Orioles beat 23 straight times?

180) What American league pitcher won 22 games for a last place team?
A)Early Wynn
B)Gaylord Perry
C)Nolan Ryan
D)Wilbur Wood

181) How many times has Jaromir Jagr scored more than 50 goals in a season?

182) What is Jaromir Jagr's career high for points in a season?

183) How many seasons did Brett Lindros play before he retired due to concussions?

184) Who has the most career goals?
A)Randy Burridge
B)Russ Courtnall
C)Murray Craven
D)Bobby Orr

185) What nationality is Hakan Loob?

186) Which of these players was not a first overall pick in an NHL entry draft?
A)Ed Jovanovski
B)Owen Nolan
C)Roman Hamrlik
D)Alexei Yashin

187) Montreal has won the most Stanley Cups in league history which team has won the second most?

188) Who holds the record for most points in a game?

189) What are the dimensions of a hockey net?
A)3' x 7'
B)3.5' x 6.5'
C)4' x 6'
D)4.5' x 5.5'

190) How many times has Mark Messier scored 50 goals or more in one season?

191) Among all active coaches who has the most career victories?
A)Mike Ditka
B)Bill Parcells
C)Dan Reeves
D)Marty Schottenheimer

192) Who was the only player in the NFL to win more than one player of the month award in 1997?
A)Barry Sanders
B)Brett Favre
C)Terrell Davis
D)Steve Young

193) Who had the most 100 yard receiving games in the NFL in 1997?
A)Herman Moore
B)Rob Moore
C)Yancey Thigpen
D)Tim Brown

194) Who led the NFL in touchdowns in 1997?
A)Karim Abdul-Jabbar
B)Terrell Davis
C)Barry Sanders
D)Cris Carter

195) Who led the NFL in points in 1999?
A)Mike Vanderjagt
B)Olindo Mare
C)Todd Peterson
D)John Carney

196) Who led the NFL in touchdowns in 1999?
A)Randy Moss and Edgerrin James
B)Edgerrin James and Stephen Davis
C)Stephen Davis and Cris Carter
D)Cris Carter and Emmitt Smith

197) Who had the most interceptions in 1999?
A)Lance Schulters
B)Aaron Beasley
C)Willie Williams
D)Rod Woodson

198) Who led the NFL in rushing yards in 1999?
A)Emmitt Smith
B)Marshall Faulk
C)Stephen Davis
D)Edgerrin James

199) Who led the NFL in receptions in 1999?
A)Cris Carter
B)Marvin Harrison
C)Jimmy Smith
D)Tim Brown

200) Who led the NFL in sacks in 1999?
A)Simeon Rice
B)Kevin Greene
C)Robert Procher
D)Kevin Carter

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